Suggested Reading & Useful Web Links


Santa Cruz County Superior Court : You can find out about your case by accessing your own information on the court’s web site. Click on Case Info, then Open Access; click on Case Number for details about the case. | 

Collaborative Practice : These sites explain how collaborative practice works. You can review the documents that are required to engage in a collaborative law case. | | 

Arbitration : If you read the Wikipedia article you will gain an understanding of arbitration. | 

Mediation : This site provides access to thousands of articles on mediation and conflict resolution. | 

Legal Research : You can increase your understanding of the law at this huge site. Click on Divorce and Family Law to get you started in your reading. | 

Tax Rules and Divorce : It will help you to read the basic rules of tax and divorce (IRS Publication 504). Check with your CPA when you need further clarification. | 

Parenting : This site by a respected author offers materials for kids and parents regarding custody, parenting plans, stepfamilies, and staying strong. | | Birth through Three Guide For Parenting Plans (PDF)

Finance : Here's a handbook by our own Jeff Froshman. It's easy to read and loaded with financial information for the newly separated and divorced. | 

Social Security and Divorce : You will find these articles on the Social Security web site to be helpful if you are approaching Social Security age. |



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