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Collaborative Practice is a team approach to resolving disputes peacefully.

Collaborative Practice professionals will support you to work through your divorce in a manner that will benefit you and your entire family. The team usually consists of an attorney and a communication coach for you and your spouse or partner. If necessary, a neutral financial professional and a child specialist round out your core Collaborative Team. All members of the team have completed the specialized education and training to provide a collaborative approach to divorce. Each C.A.M.P professional member maintains their own private practice in the Santa Cruz area and formed this group to better serve the community.

Our commitment is to assist you in reaching a fair settlement without you ever having to enter a courtroom. Your collaborative agreement is fully enforceable in a court of law.



The goal of mediation is to reach a fair and equitable agreement for both parties.

C.A.M.P. mediators are the amongst the most experienced in Santa Cruz County. The mediator acts as a neutral party, helping both of you to reach a fair and equitable agreement. Mediation is confidential, and the mediator will not go to court. You will have control over the result, and your resolution can be unique to the dispute. And because the result is the product of the parties working together, compliance with the mediated agreement is very high. Mediation is usually the least expensive way to resolve disputes. The mediated settlement is fully enforceable in a court of law.


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